PT. HUTAMA KARYA (PERSERO) furthermore will be addressed as PTHK, was initially a Dutch Indies private company called “Hollandsche Beton Maatshappij” before being nationalized or owned by Indonesian’s government in 1961, based on Government Regulation of Republic of Indonesia Number 61/1961 at the date of March 29th 1961 with the name PN. HUTAMA KARYA. Also, based on Decree of Directors and Commisioners Number DU/MK.136/KPTS/03/2009 at the date of January 29th 2009 about the decision of The Anniversary of Hutama Karya, March 29th was sets as The Anniversary of HUtama Karya.

The company’s status change into Perseoran Terbatas (PT) based on Government Regulation Number 14, Year 1971, Leg. Certificate of Limited Company Number 74 at the date of March 15th 1973, Leg. Certificate of Change Number 48 at the date of August 8th 1973, where both were made in the presence of Notary Public, Kartini Mulyadi, SH.

Now we are opening position for the Indonesian to fill the position as

Special Requirement

Civil Engineering (CE)
Architectur Engineering (AE)
Mechanical Engineering (ME)
Electrical Engineering (EE)
Physics Engineering (PE)
Chemistry Engineering (CHE)

General Requirement :
Graduated From Reputable University (Fresh Graduate)
Willing to be placed on the entire working area of PT. HUTAMA KARYA (Persero)
GPA Min. 2.85 for state university and Min. 3.00 for private university (A accreditation durings 3 years)
Age Max. 23 years
Fluent in English (oral & written)
Microsoft Office / Open Office (Microsoft word, Microsoft excel, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Power Point)
Healthy performance, with proportional appearance with height Min. 162 cm
Highly power struggle and highly driven with a strong commitment in achieving career, personal, organizational goal and have a good teamwork

Bagi semua pelamar PT. Hutama Karya (Persero) diharapkan mengirimkan berkas lamaran lengkap (CV, Transkrip, Foto Copy ID Card, Pas Foto Terbaru 4x6) ke Sekretariat ECC UGM, Plasa KPTU Fakultas Teknik UGM, Jl. Grafika No.2 Yogyakarta paling lambat atau sebelum tgl 30 Oktober 2011 (cap pos). dengan menuliskan jurusan anda di amplop kiri atas. (www.ecc.ft.ugm.ac.id)

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