Chevron, Headquartered in San Ramon, California USA and conducting business in 180 countries. Chevron is engaged in every aspect of the oil and natural gas industry, including exploration and production, refining, marketing and transportation, chemicals manufacturing and sales, and power generation.

In Indonesia, Chevron is working in partnership with BPMIGAS (Executive Agency for Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities) for its exploration & production business and Pertamina for the geothermal and power business and has long been recognized as significant oil and gas producer and geothermal and power provider

Why work with Chevron?

- Global Scope of operations promotes global careers
- Competitive total remuneration program : pay, bonus program and flexible benefits125 years of history yet strong future growth
- State of the art technology
- World class experts
- Large queque of exciting projects
- Reputation for solid busines results
- Strong ethics
- Diversity is a core value

To sustain profitable growth and build the organizational capability, Chevron in Indonesia is now searching for experienced Indonesian nationals who posses relevant educational background, technical, and behavior competencies to join the company in the following opportunities :

Positions - Education - Discipline - Work Location - Expired Date
Experienced :

- FIELD DRILLING ENGINEER (Ext-34/TCL/EXP/CICO/DW/2011) - S1 / D4 - Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering - Jakarta
- DRILLING ENGINEER (Ext-47/TCL/EXP/CICO/DW/2011) - S1 / D4 - Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering - Jakarta
- Construction Representative (Ext-115/CL/EXP/ALL/SMOLO/2011) - D3 - Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering - Kota Batak
- Field Drilling Engineer (Ext-140/TCL/EXP/CICO/DW/2011) - S1 / D4 - Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering -
- Completion/Intervention Engineering (Ext-141/TCL/EXP/CICO/DW/2011) - S1 / D4 - Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering -
- SR COMPLETION/INTERVENTION ENG (Ext-142/TCL/EXP/CICO/DW/2011) - S1 / D4 - Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering -
- FE Electrical (Ext-159/FE/EXP/ALL/OTH/2011) - S1 / D4 - Electrical Engineering (Power) - Duri
- FE Intrumentation (Ext-160/FE/EXP/ALL/OTH/2011) - S1 / D4 - Electrical Engineering (Power), Instrumentation, Physic Engineering - Duri
- FE Process (Ext-161/FE/EXP/ALL/OTH/2011) - S1 / D4 - Chemical Engineering - Duri
- FE Mechanical (Ext-162/FE/EXP/ALL/OTH/2011) - S1 / D4 - Mechanical Engineering - Duri
- FE-Mech/Pipeline (Ext-164/FE/EXP/ALL/OTH/2011) - S1 / D4 - All Engineering - Duri
- Cost Engineer (Ext-165/FE/EXP/ALL/OTH/2011) - S1 / D4 - Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering - Duri
- OE/HES Engineer (Ext-166/FE/EXP/ALL/OTH/2011) - S1 / D4 - Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering - Duri
- FE-Project Engineer (Ext-167/FE/EXP/ALL/OTH/2011) - S1 / D4 - Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering (Power), Instrumentation, Mechanical Engineering - Duri
- FE-Mechanical (Ext-168/FE/EXP/ALL/OTH/2011) - S1 / D4 - Mechanical Engineering - Duri
- Cost Engineer (Ext-169/FE/EXP/ALL/OTH/2011) - S1 / D4 - Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering - Duri
- Construction Engineer (Ext-170/FE/EXP/ALL/OTH/2011) - S1 / D4 - All Engineering - Duri
- FE-Civil (Ext-171/FE/EXP/ALL/OTH/2011) - S1 / D4 - Civil Engineering - Duri
- GEOLOGIST (Ext-176/ES/EXP/CICO/DW/2011) - S1 / D4 - Geology - Jakarta
All applications are appreciated and will be treated confidentially.
Only qualified, short-listed applicants will be invited for further process.
This vacancy is eligible only for Indonesia citizen

If you are interested, please apply to : Lowongan Chevron


PETROSEA is a leading engineering, construction and mining company with a track record of achievement in Indonesia for more than 36 years. Petrosea has been involved in the development of Indonesia s considerable oil & gas, mining and infrastructure industries. Petrosea is also operating in Southeast Asia Region with some challenging projects.

Due to our rapid growth at present, we are currently taking applicants for below position:


Monitor, control and supervise mining staff and resources in order to produce systems and procedures that effectively support the mining operations in achieving performance within budget.

1. Min. Bachelor Degree in Mining Engineering
2. Min. 4 years experiences as a Mining Engineer in open-cut mining
3. Fluent in English, written and verbal
4. Willing to be placed in all company locations or Jakarta
5. May be required to work flexible hours to meet project requirements

1) Prepare, analyze and adjust data of production, record details of the day work on a daily report pad in order to establish project performance report.
2) Identify engineering problems, propose solutions and expedite client agreement where necessary to ensure minimal disruption to the progress of the works.
3) Review client specifications, drawings and documents to ensure the requirements defined are incorporated in the works and the responsibilities allocated under the project quality system and understood and implemented.
4) Complete daily timesheets, including activity descriptions and cost codes, for each person and, where required, plant item under his responsibility.
5) Prepare data of real/ technical cost, liaise with surveyor in calculate mining reserve from drilling for project analysis purpose.
6) Coordinate requisition for small tools and consumable materials as required in order to provide site operations support.
7) Identify hazards and risks during the planning phase of the work packages in order to minimize exposure to personnel and the environment.


Control and monitor the execution of a Mine Development Project (or section of a Project) including the liaison and control between Mining /Procurement/Construction to ensure that all materials and services that are purchased, fabricated, and constructed are delivered on time and in strict accordance with the approved project specifications and accepted industry codes, the development of preliminary assessments, prefeasibility studies, environmental assessment certificates, feasibility studies, mine and reclamation permits, and mine development.

1. Min. Bachelor degree in Mining or Engineering
2. Min 4 years of progressive experience in mine engineering and mining operations supervision and management; with some experience gained at operating coal mines.
3. Maximise Project margins by ensuring appropriate Technical Specifications and Codes are adopted and followed by all Vendors and Fabricators to ensure the design life integrity is achieved.
4. Minimise re-work by being involved in constructability reviews.
5. Provide assistance to startup and commissioning team

1. To Be fully conversant with the contents of the Project Safety Management Plans and the Company policies on safety. Ensure that Safety topics are discussed with all Vendors/Subcontractors/Fabricators prior to award and be vigilant in enforcing the agreed standards.
2. Liase with mine engineering in defining mine planning and scheduling, including but not limited to pit or mine optimization, phase development sequences, mining schedules, equipment selection, and project cost estimation.
3. Be fully conversant with all Project Management Plans and all Company procedures. Enforce the use of the procedures and immediately identify any non compliances with the Project Manager.
4. Ensure all technical specifications and industry codes are strictly enforced by all Vendors and subcontractors.
5. Manage and efficiently close out all Technical Queries that are raised by all partners including Vendors, Subcontractors, and Construction personnel. Maintain a TQ status report to track all TQ.
6. Promote a Teamwork environment to get all members of the Team providing input to each situation. Take ownership of solutions and promote a positive reward culture.
7. Develop a Team to handle all Project Engineering activities. Prepare Position Descriptions for the team members and lead them to ensure that all tasks are completed in a timely manner and with efficiency.
8. Manage the interface between Procurement and Mining to ensure that Technical Bid Evaluations are prepared on a timely basis. Liaise with Vendors (via consultation with the Procurement Manager) as necessary to ensure that all technical aspects are dealt with prior to the award of work to Vendors and subcontractors. Attend the Kick-off meeting for all major orders.
9. Monitor the Project schedule and the schedule of Vendors/Fabricators and advise the Project Manager when issues are evident or likely to be reported incorrectly.
10. Liaise closely with the Project Manager and be involved with all constructability reviews during Project start-up.
11. Liaise with the Quality Manager to ensure all Vendors are adhering to the approved Project specifications and codes. Raise issues as they arise and assist with the close-out of NCR.
12. Be commercially aware. Review the scope of work documents for all subcontracts and procured items to ensure that variations will be minimised. Liaise with the Project Services Manager for all issues surrounding the assessment of Variations by the project partners.


Supervise and coordinate onsite training process including implementation, policies and programs in order to ensure onsite training is well conduct in line with training plan as well as company policies and procedures.

1. Willing to be placed to all company project locations
2. Required to work extended hours to meet reporting deadline
3. Computer literate, and familiar with project software such as PRISM, etc.
4. Min. 2 years experiences in the similar fields
5. Good communication skill especially with the project team to keep aware of potential changes
6. Required to review all project cost items such as Purchase Orders, Labor, Material Charges, Work Orders, Scope changes, and invoices
7. Min. Bachelor degree in any major
8. Attention to details

1) Responsible to set up Project Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for controlling and reporting in accordance with Company standard.
2) Responsible to have and maintain appropriate administrative controls in place daily and monthly in accordance with Company procedures from award to completion.
3) Assist the Project Manager in accurately forecasting cost and resources to ensure Project margins are met.
4) Detecting and reporting discrepancies, defaults or non conformities in the Project Cost Forecast or records to the Project Manager as soon as they become known.
5) Responsible to prepare Monthly Progress Claims and to ensure the subsequent invoice is submitted and payment received within the payment terms of the Contract.
6) Responsible to check that the cost codes on each Material Requisition (MR) are correct also check that the remaining budget for the cost code is sufficient to cover proposal purchase, ascertaining Purchase Order (PO) has been cover proposed costs are considered to be committed and refer to the budget.
7) Responsible to review and confirm that Subcontractor invoices are as per Contract terms & conditions for the further payment process.


Responsible in creating module for all heavy equipment training, training presentation, making standard assessment and guideline to be implemented in all site areas of Mine Training Operation.

1. A minimum of 2 years experience in mining industry
2. Min. Bachelor Degree in Mining Engineering
3. Knowledge of best practice in Project Management
4. Willing to be placed in all company site locations
5. Good command in English written and verbal
6. Familiar with Mining software
7. Familiar with mining software: Minescape, Xpac, Surpac, Talpac

1. Evaluate and analyse project performance data related to productivity, cost & safety utilising company standard systems in order to ensure data reliability.
2. Contribute to the development of the short term detailed mine execution plans to integrate with the mining operations (utilising Surpac mine planning software).
3. Monitor and coordinate engineering activities to ensure efficient production of engineering plans to meet contract program requirements.
4. Analyse and identify engineering problems in order to propose solutions and expedite actions regarding the client agreement where necessary.
5. Review client plans and requests to ensure the requirements defined are incorporated in the works and the responsibilities allocated under the project quality system and understood and implemented.
6. Prepare data for the progress claim report to be reviewed by the Engineering Superintendent.
7. Collect data related to subcontractor performance in order to prepare summary reports required for the project.
8. Support and cooperate with site survey team in order to analyse progress surveys and haul profile surveys.
9. Coaching and mentoring of graduate mining engineers, mining engineers and technical assistants in order to provide technical support.
10. Identify hazards and risks during the planning phase of the work packages in order to minimise exposure to personnel and the environment.


Deploy and maintain the company mining technology and systems to enable the Mining Business Line to achieve its plan by ensuring that the selected system is administered in a manner that delivers controlled and planned outcomes with deliberate intent.

1. Min. Bachelor degree preferably in Mining Engineering
2. Min. 2 years previous experience as a Mining Engineer especially for running dispatch mining system
3. Fluent in English written and verbal
4. Good analysis and problem solving skill
5. Good understanding of Mining Business Processes
6. Must be proficient in Excel, Power Point, Report Preparation and Presentation

1. Assist in the deployment of the companies selected fleet management system.
2. Undertake daily management of Mine Production Information and reporting systems.
3. Work closely with ICT department and vendors to ensure system issues are resolved in a timely fashion.
4. Review daily, weekly and monthly production & cost reports from the fleet management system to ensure the reports are free from errors.
5. Monitor of fleet management system running well any time and can make decision to efficiency of production.
6. Cooperation with operation to running Fleet Management System properly.


Control, monitor and supervise Business Mining Process by variance in the Project mining operations to ensure production is achieved in accordance with Project parameters, Project schedule and budget and in compliance with Petrosea and Project safety and environmental policy and guidelines.

1. Min. Bachelor degree in Mining Engineer.
2. Fluent in English, written and verbal.
3. Good leadership and communication skill.
4. Willing to be placed in all mining project location.
5. May be required to work flexible hours to meet Project requirements.

1) Provide leadership and direction to all mining engineering staff to ensure the safest and efficient mining operations to achieve production targets.
2) Work with Senior Mining Engineer to develop weekly, monthly and shutdown schedules for inclusion in the BMP plans by the Senior Mining Engineer.
3) Assist with the implementation of the BMP system through leadership of technical assistants, production of accurate and timely reports, and troubleshooting problems encountered with the system.
4) Responsible to implement long term mine plans and short term detailed mine execution plans at all levels using the BMP process and to provide the necessary production parameters needed by BMP on a continuous feedback basis to enable short term control to achieve the long term mine plan.
5) Assist the Mining Engineer to develop and update mine plans and production schedules in accordance with project criteria.
6) Implement and manage the mining operations in accordance with the mine plan to achieve production schedules.
7) Prepare timely and accurate information on project progress for inclusion in progress claims and reports prepared by the Senior Mining Engineer.
8) Organize, coordinate and manage production meetings internally and with the Client and arrange for distribution of minutes.
9) Responsible for the optimization and utilization of mining equipment by the Mining Supervisor to achieve production targets.
10) Ensure smooth coordination between Mining operations and Maintenance to maximize availability and utilization of all mining equipment.
11) Monitor and manage the performance of all mining engineering staff.
12) Assist the Project Manager in the training and mentoring of personnel as required by the company.
13) Assist the Project Manager in promoting the development of teamwork.
14) Promote and develop an open ethical work environment.


Plan, develop, implement and improve mine planning system, procedures and resources in order to support mining projects in term of technical services expertise for optimizing company mining operation.

1. Min. Bachelor degree, preferably in mining engineering.
2. With at least 10 years mine experience and minimum 3 years in managerial position.
3. Excellent communication both in English & Indonesian.
4. Outstanding analysis skills.
5. Strong capability / exposure to mine planning softwares.

1. Control, monitor and liase with Project Managers to foster efficient mining operations through competent Technical services skills and disciplines.
2. Control, monitor and liase with project manager in communicate ideas, systems, designs, procedures and standards in mining operation to ensure the adherence of those new policies.
3. Develop and monitor monthly reporting format for the Mining business line and coordinate the timely completion by all Project Managers to ensure monthly reporting timeliness and conform with standard format.
4. Provide support to all tenders / proposals prepared by the Mining business line to ensure the reliability of all tenders / proposals prior to submission.
5. Coach and mentor of technical support staff and key national staff in order to assist them understand and manage the technical implications within contracts.
6. Monitor, support and liase with HR department to Facilitate the graduate development program in order to participate in developing new talents.

(Assignment: Jakarta)

Identify potential business development opportunities and design in Mining and oversee feasibility studies to assess their viability.

• Min. Bachelor Degree in Mining Engineering
• Having minimal 5 (five) years exposure in Mining industry
• Min. 5 years experience in similiar field
• Knowledge of legal & administration aspects related Mining government regulations and tender process
• Good communication and networking capability

1. Identifying business opportunities and evaluating opportunities in mining areas such as mergers and acquisitions, alliances, and business deals.
2. Monitor and control market reserach or analysis of projects; evaluate findings, prepare reports, and make recommendations to senior management about the viability of alternative opportunities.
3. Establish long term professional relationships with potential clients, customers, and partners (for example in government or industry associations) to promote the organisations products and services.
4. Conduct meetings and negotiations with potential clients and business partners to pursue business opportunities and protect the organisations business interest.
5. Refer sales leads and customer feedback to appropriate contacts within the organisation and liaise with other functional and operational area members to ensure that these referrals are followed-up promptly.
6. Lead, direct, evaluate and develop a team of business development analyst professionals to ensure the projects are conducted credibly and that recommendations and reports are accurate and timely.
7. Lead, direct, evaluate and review work done by mining estimator to get most accurate and competitive price to be submitted to potential client but still giving company a proper margin as stated in company policy.

(Assignment: Project Sites)

Monitor, control and analyze operation data, processes, procedures and performance, using established continuous improvement techniques in order to identify, prioritize and implement opportunity for improvement in mining project.

1. Min. Bachelor Degree in Mining, Civil, Mechanical or Industrial Engineering.
2. Min. 2 years working experience in an open-cut mining operation.
3. Strong computer skills, preference is competent using statistical software application such as MINITAB.
4. Strong on analytical (multi variance data) skills.
5. Good communication and presentation skills.
6. Demonstrate ability to influence others and lead change.

1) Promotion of HSE programs targeting zero work related injuries and illnesses.
2) Analysis of operational data (such as VHMS, PLM, VIMS, MIC, OpsDB, FMS) to determine performance or cost issues and work toward solution which can be delivered to the project.
3) Work in a team and set up benchmarking criteria by which improvements can be measured.
4) Develop and follow a specific method/discipline to measure the gap between current process capability with the projects goals.
5) Establish necessary systems to maintain the improvements, and based on the results continuously adjusts the project strategic action plan.


Responsible for the identification, coordination, and execution of Business Improvement Projects across various areas of the operations including Asset management, Mining, POSB, E&C, and including the non-business line functions such as HR, Quality, Finance, Procurement, and ICT.

1. Min. Bachelor degree in Mining, Civil, or Mechanical Engineering from reputable local university/overseas preferred.
2. Minimum 10 years professional experience in related field, out of which 5 years in senior managerial position.
3. Have a good managerial skill, human relationships, and mentoring with a strong leadership capability.
4. Able to communicate to any level (360 degree communication).
5. Strong analytical skills and a true passion for delivery and the ability to work to stringent target deadline date.

1. Deliver tangible business value outcomes to schedule.
2. Support the sites cultural change process by engaging leaders and team members in the application of Business Improvement Tools.
3. Support the strategic and operational plans for the operations.
4. Foster a collaborative approach to sharing the opportunities and identifying other potential opportunities for business improvement.
5. Provide Project Management and leadership capabilities to ensure a commitment to Business Improvement Strategies.

We offer our staff a challenging and innovative work environment. An attractive salary package will be negotiated to ensure a high caliber appointment.

To apply for this position, please send your application together with a detailed resume including recent color photograph, and quoting in email to recruitment.jkt@petrosea.com in Microsoft Word or PDF format with a file size not more than 350kb. -