Bank Mandiri, as the largest Bank in Indonesia, with assets that have grown to more than 300 trillion today, and about 22.000 employees spread among 956 domestic branches and 6 overseas branches and representative offices
, Bank Mandiri has committed to delivering excellence in banking services and to provide wide-ranging financial solutions in investment banking and sharia’ products as well as bancassurance for our private and state-owned corporate, commercial, small business and micro customers in addition to our customer clients. Bank Mandiri’s consistent efforts have garnered recognition from both domestic and international institutions. Many has appraised Bank Mandiri as a “Highly Trusted” company and as the best publicity-listed company in the financial sector

Program Kriya Mandiri adalah program belajar bekerja terpadu (magang) di Bank Mandiri bagi lulusan perguruan tinggi untuk mengenal dunia kerja dan memperoleh keterampilan sehingga dapat menjadi calon tenaga kerja yang terampil dan siap di dunia kerja. Periode program ini adalah 1 tahun. Jika berhasil dalam program pemagangan tersebut, akan diberikan sertifikat dan insentif prestasi.

Program Kriya Mandiri Teller

Peserta akan diberikan kesempatan untuk magang sebagai teller dan akan memperoleh kompetensi menjadi teller tunai dan non tunai. Melalui program ini, peserta akan mendapatkan pengetahuan dan keterampilan melalui metode class room training (14 hari) dan mentoring selama praktek kerja.

Kualifikasi :
Pendidikan D1, D2, D3, D4. Maksimum telah lulus 1 tahun


Gelora Djaja. Over Forty years ago, marked the momentous birth of a tobacco company; The coming together of two strong individuals who formed PT Gelora Djaja in Indonesia. Thus brought with them not only a shared experience of decades in the tobacco industry, but also a shared conviction to produce a more superior product. Within five years the company had managed to build and enjoy a wonderful reputation, and had succeeded in being ranked among the leading Clove Cigarette manufacturers in the country.
Today with the second generation at helm, the company diversifies its activities. Besides producing Clove Cigarettes, we now are producing fine quality Hand Made Cigars using the finest Tobacco produced in Indonesia, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, and Brazil. We are a relatively new but well-established company in the cigar business. At the moment we are developing new blends which will be introduced in the market early next year (2006). At the moment we have the Wismilak Premium Cigars already established in the Indonesian Market since early 2000. We are going to be in need of Distributors for our products in the near future. The master Blenders of this company, Having selected the finest leaves at the tobacco plantations have to follow the arduous process of filling, binding. And wrapping these cigars, which are made according to International standards. Seasond smokers preferring a full-bodied, mild and medium cigar will surely enjoy these cigars not only for the flavorful experience but also an aromatic one. We Offer the Churchills, Robustos, Coronas, Half Coronas, and the Panetelas.

As the National company in the cigarettes products, we are constantly innovating to improve the quality of product and deliver value to our customers. We are seeking for highly dedicated, dynamic team & motivated individuals with a passion for challenge and success to be part of our winning team

Requirements :

Male, Max. 27 years old