Code : TLR

Key responsibilities:

Consistently provide superior service quality to customers by ensuring smooth operations teller transaction at the branch by processing customer transaction in teller area in an effective, innovative, and cost efficient manner with full adherence to all applicable policies and regulations.


Minimum Diploma Degree
Having experience at least 1 (one) year as Teller in banking industry
Have good product knowledge and understanding on daily banking operation/service practices
Demonstrate high service orientation
Excellent communication and administration
Well groomed and attractive personality
Proficient in written and spoken English and PC literate


Code : CSO

Key responsibilities:
Consistently provide superior service quality to PTBC value customers by ensuring all customer needs are fulfil in timely manner and complied with bank policy and procedure.

Minimum Bachelor’s Degree from a reputable university
Having experience at least 1 (one) year experience in the similar area
Having good product knowledge and understanding on daily banking operation/service practices
A self starter who is ambitious and a strongly motivated team player
Strong business driven
Excellent selling and networking skills
Good interpersonal and communication skills
Excellent English written and verbal communication

Please send comprehensive resume along with contact telephone number and recent photograph to:

All applicants will be treated in strict confidence. Only short-listed candidates will be notified.


PETROSEA is a leading engineering, construction and mining company with a track record of achievement in Indonesia for more than 36 years. Petrosea has been involved in the development of Indonesia s considerable oil & gas, mining and infrastructure industries. Petrosea is also operating in Southeast Asia Region with some challenging projects.

(Placement : Site)

Supervise and coordinate onsite training process including implementation, policies and programs in order to ensure onsite training is well conduct in line with training plan as well as companys policies and procedures.

1. Willing to travel to all site.
2. Min. Diploma degree in any major.
3. Good communication in English & Computer literate.
4. Min 5 years exp as a trainer for mining operation on project.
5. Has proficient knowledge about the mining process and various type and model of machines.
6. Good presentation and leadership skill.

1) Review and analyse training schedule, training ads, machine availability in order to ensure the completion of site training process prerequisite.
2) Review and analyse training reports, papers and other records from subordinates in order to ensure clarity, completeness and accuracy.
3) Oversee maintenance of training files in order to provide training administration support.
4) Coordinate and liaise with training superintendent in order to arrange vendor training on site.
5) Monitor and adjust technical training needs in specific areas in order to maintain appropriate training plan.
6) Practice continuous improvement by improving processes and procedures, eliminating non-value added activities, and developing a self-development plan to enhance processes and procedures effectiveness.
7) Conduct and evaluate onsite training and assessment, liaise with site trainer to ensure onsite training are well implemented.
8) Prepare regular report on site training activities to training coordinator in order to provide training implementation update.

(Placement : Jakarta and Balikpapan)

Perform and monitor staff monthly payroll process in order to ensure all staff monthly salary paid to their bank account on schedule, conform with their entitlement and all regulation.

1. Ability to maintain confidentiality of some HR information / documents.
2. Willing to work longer when required.
3. Min. Bachelor degree in any diciplines.
4. Min. 5 years experience in dealing with payroll.
5. Familiar with UNIX payroll sistem.

1) Prepare and implement employee salary administration and calculation of employee salary, bonus, insurance and income tax to assist employee salary administration process.
2) Monitor and manage employee leave including reconcile quarterly the annual leave, R&R, Long Service Leave (LSL) entitlement and update individual leave balance calculation monthly to ensure employees are not taking leave in excess.
3) Submitt and monitor all employee payroll calculation list along with the company’s check to prefered bank by the 23rd of the month to ensure that all employees salary are paid to their bank account by the 25th of the month.
4) Prepare and submit monthly payroll journal to accounting department for their further review.
5) Prepare and monitor employees JAMSOSTEK submission for obtaining personal Jamsostek number and ensure that all Jamsostek Report and payment are completed by the 10th of the month.
6) Perform and control the related HRIS – payroll system and ensuring the process is comply with the regulations.
7) Prepare, update and maintain the HR Budget in order to have internal control of HR expenses.
8) Maintain good relationship with external vendors, government bodies (depnaker, jamsostek, etc.) in order to have smooth operational HR activities.

(Placement : Jakarta and Balikpapan)

Oversee and participate in the design, management, and administration of recruiting, hiring, and employment programs to the conformance of company philosophies, time requirements and business objectives.

1. Min Bachelor Degree from any major, preferably in Psychology
2. Min 3-4 years experienced in in Human Resources, especially in the arrangement of recruitment and placement in Mining Industry
3. Mastering Competency Based Interview Technique and expose in assessment tool utilization
4. Willing to work extended office hours as and when required
5. Posses strong analytical thinking and ability to communicate with all levels
6. Ability to maintain confidentiality of some HR information / documents.
7. Strong leadership and Negotiation skill in Recruiting Process

1) Assist the Recruitment Coordinator in providing the analysis of external consultants and review them in order to seek the best recruitment channel for the vacant positions, e.g.: campus recruitment, newspaper, ERP, Job Fair, outsource, etc.
2) Evaluate the incoming Personnel Request Form (PRF) and its requirements for pre-recruitment process.
3) Assist Recruitment coordinator in developing and administering strategy for identifying and recruiting potential hires especially in Mining Business Area.
Establish and execute the recruitment process, such as:
a. Sourcing for the prospective applicants;
b. Shortlist the potential candidates;
c. Interview and arrange other recruitment process, including medical examination and salary negotiation;
d. Confirm the newly recruit; to ensure that the recruitment process is running systematically conform with companys procedures.
4) Seeking the most efficient channel to recruit potential candidates, including represent the organisation at job fairs and other recruitment venues like college recruiting program or careeer fairs , maintaining contact with placement office personel and others school respresentative so that potential candidates have an opportunity to learn about the organisation and its recruitment activities include.
5) Review and clarifies personnel requisitions as to budgeted manpower and job requirements.
6) Oversees and participate in the contracting and coordination of employment agencies involved in the placement of temporary employees.
7) Provides the weekly and monthly progress report concerning recruitment and selection progress for further compilation by HR manager.
8) Demonstrating wilingness to learn new skill and continuously look for improvement in work processes and results Implement HSE policies and programs in all activities of work area

(Placement : Site)

Train and theory, practical and safety of operating technique the mechine according to company Standard Operating Prosedure.

1. Willing to travel to all site.
2. Min. High School Graduate.
3. Good communication in English & Computer literate.
4. Min 3 years exp as a operator for mining operation on project.
5. Has proficient knowledge about the mining process and various type and model of machines.
6. Good presentation and leadership skill.

1) Train to all operator, in class and job training, reminding of unsafe action and unsafe condition to all employees..
2) Show the operating technique of the machine according to operating procedure.
3) Doing a fresh training ( zero experience ), refresh training operator skills and knowledge based on field observations and productivity data, theory test and practical to all of candidate procedure.
4) Make a assessment and recommendation according to result examination..
5) Maintain and make daily and weekly report.
6) Make and presented a safety tool box meeting.
7) Operated the machine according SIMPER.
8) Report to mine Training Supervisor.
9) Work closely with the Mine operations team, Mine Maintenance and Safety Dept. ensure the right people are in the right places, follow up on a regular basis and be prepared to fill in and support the operations team as required.
10) Test potential New Hire Operators, assess skills and evaluate, report and make recommendations off this.
11) Support all heavy equipment productivities, efficiencies and cycle time improvement (Excavator, Bulldozer, Motor Grader, LV L/Truck, off highway Truck).

(Placement : Site)

Provides first level of supervision over a several mining sections of the mining production resources at the mine project to achieve the production targets and objectives of the project in accordance with the project parameters and guidelines.

1. Min. High School graduate.
2. Min 3 years as Mining Operator Lead Hand.
3. Good command in English.
4. May be required to work flexible hours to meet Project requirements

1) Responsible to implement short term detailed mine execution plans at the position level using the BMP process and to provide the necessary production parameters needed by BMP on a continuous feedback basis to enable short term control to achieve the long term mine plan.
2) Supervise the performance of operators, technicians. Lead hands and unskilled personnel in the Mining operations in the shift by shift BMP process using short term variance.
3) Monitor and control mining production on an hourly basis including loading / unloading point to ensure smooth day to day operations.
4) Monitor and control survey personnel in conducting survey activities.
5) Responsible to mine execution plans and necessary production and safety targets, understand the daily, weekly and monthly plans and targets, make sure clear understanding from subordinates.
6) Communicate with workshop in regards to repairing downed equipment and assistance in a timely manner to ensure scheduled PM equipment is given to Maintenance team on time.
7) Ensure strong disciplinary procedures are enforced and followed consistently, assist to manage the crew manpower and make sure the right people are in the right places doing the right things.
8) Monitor dewatering activities, Pit Services and day works, these are 3 primary focus areas in and outside of the Pit, ensure these are monitored at all times.
9) Minimise exposure to personnel and the environment by identifying hazards and risks during the planning phase of the work packages and Implement all safety procedures, rules and regulations and statutory regulations in accordance with the Safety Management Plan.

(Placement : Site)

Provide assistant to support Site Administration department in delivering an efficient process in term of participate in contribute the success of project function.

1. Minimum Diploma III Degree in Any Major.
2. Ability to communicate effectively with any level at project team.
3. Able to use / Familiar with Microsoft Office Word, Excel
4. Knowledge of best practices in personal
5. Ability to built good relationships with community around the project.
6. Ability to learn new information quickly.

1) Assist HR Officer to search and identify employee candidate to fill project requirement, this including preparing entire recruitment document and other recruiting process.
2) Maintaince communicartion with Site Administrator and Admin Officer in related to the local process employeement.
3) Organizing Hospital for the project personnel who has sick and need medical treatment.
4) Assist HR Admin Superintendent to provide employee report (Personal Strengh and employees numbers report including subcontractors.
5) Arrange Jamsostek Employees including accident work claim, monthly report about payment jamsostek.
6) Assist Site Administrator in Summary Man Hours as a base for weekly report , MIS and Payroll (back to back with site payroll) for All Employees and conducting Time sheet for All Personal.
7) Assist Site Administrator in Administration Training including prepare TRF, PAR, Pre and Post Evaluation Form, Training Feedback Form, Trainer Feedback form, Monthly Report and Training Completion Report.
8) Check the Validity of Vehicle registration (STNK) and Extend.
9) Distribute the mails or documents received to relevant Address.
10) Coordinate the delivery of mails or documents of the project.

(Placement :Site)

Maintain, monitor and review companys daily operations and facilities to ensure employee safety are comply with safety, health and environmental regulations for specified facilities, operations and project.

1. Willing to travel to all companys sites
2. Willing to work extended hours to meet the objectives.
3. Min. Senior/Technical High School or Diploma Degree in public occupational health & Safety/environment engineer or Engineering Graduate/Bachelor.
4. Minimal 3 year have experinces in HSE Field implementation at high risk industry ( For Diploma III in HSE or technical ).
5. Will be preferred if understand of lifting equipment, marine activity and or material handling activity.
6. Hold AK3 certified from government
7. Communicative and inovative.
8. Able to conduct presentation.

1) Prepare and present safety training and safety induction to enhance safety awareness among employees and clients.
2) Conduct inspections on statutory, fire and rescue equipment to ensure completeness and readiness for use.
3) Inspects project facilities, equipments, observe operations and activities in progress to ensure those are in compliance companys safety regulations.
4) Coordinates and consults with project safety superintendent and/or project managers regarding HSE issues in their respective areas and notifies management staff regarding violation of safety regulations and codes to ensure that all safety defiance are proceed.
5) Support and assist safety audits, inspections and accident/incident investigations by observing employee activities and workplace conditions for submitting recommendations to management to correct deficiencies, eliminate hazards, and improve the overall program.
6) Socialize and record all Job Hazard Analysis, HAZOB, and co-ordinate Emergency Response Team training and activities for the Project.
7) Assist the Project Superintendent & Supervisors in conducting and reporting of all Hazards. Control and monitor the use of Hazardous or dangerous goods to ensure conformance with the MSDS (Material Safety Data System).
8) Monitor, review and participate in Pre-start meetings and Tool Box Meeting to update with current safety information.
9) Support Environmental performance and maintain third party accreditation (ie. ISO 14001) and work effectively with certification body in order to preserve international standard accreditation.
10) Performing a strong visible commitment in to HSE Management System as well as all programs.
11) Implement and maintain HSE Management Plan, Emergency Response Plan, and other HSE document for the project.
12) Prepare and implement of Site Safety Activities.

(Placement : Site)

Prepare and monitor employees administration and data includes HR support for all SITE PROJECT employees in order to provide SITE PROJECT employees with appropriate HR support that comply with companys policy and procedures.

1. Willing to work extend office hour.
2. Attention to detail.
3. Min. Diploma degree in any diciplines.
4. Min. 2 year experience in Human Resources area.
5. Able to communicate in English, min passive.
6. Able to maintain confidentiality of HR documents.

1) Evaluate and follow up the incoming Personnel Request Form (PRF) for sites and its mandatory requirements for pre-recruitment process in order to start the recruitment process including posting the job vacancies in media advertising if needed.
2) Establish and execute the recruitment process, such as:
a. Sourcing for the prospective applicants;
b. Shortlist the potential candidates;
c. Interview and conduct soft skill test for staff and liaise with user in preparing technical competency test for non staff employee;
d. Arrange other recruitment process, including medical examination and salary negotiation;
e. Confirm the newly recruit;
f. to ensure that the recruitment process is running systematically conform with companies procedures.
3) Prepare, administer and documented employees movement such as:
- Leave (rooster and annual leave)
- Permission
- Personnel Action Report (PAR) for promotion, transfer, surplus, and salary review
- Daily attendance
from organize the schedule (for leave administration), monitor daily attendance prepare the appropriate forms, getting approval and inform the request/time sheet/PAR to payroll and portal in order to ensure employee movement are organized and well administer conform with the regulations.
4) Prepare and provide administration support for all employees such as pay slip distribution, meal & transport reimbursement distribution to ensure employees rights and benefit based on companys procedures.
5) Prepare and maintain daily man power report in order to keep the current man power status updated.
6) Monitor and maintain employees probation period/contract completion and inform the respective supervisor/manager in order to proceed the contract completed/extended or probation completed/failed before the probation /contract date is expired.

(Placement : Site)

Develop drill and blast designs, implement designs in conjunction with blasting sub-contractor and monitor drill and blast results, acknowledging inefficiencies and recommending changes accordingly to ensure high quality, cost effective and safe blasting occurs.

1. Min Bachelor degree in Mining, Civil Engineering or Geologist with Class II Blaster Certificate.
2. Min. 10 years previous experiences in drilling & blasting.
3. Good communication skills in English and Bahasa, written & verbal
4. Understanding applications of drill blast design and shot plus software
5. Familiar with designing drill and blast, leading the team and explosives handling
6. Rotation to each site conducting drilling & blasting.

1) Develop, recommend and implement suitable strategies to provide optimal blasting solutions and improve blasting performance to operations.
2) Ensure the drilling plan is provided in a timely manner and the drill is working productively in the most cost effective and safe manner.
3) Coordinate blast activities; lead, train and mentor blasting crew to ensure agreed mine plan is being followed.
4) Analyze and communicate drilling and blasting issues to short term engineer and mining operation in order to provide technical support to site based personnel.
5) Monitor and control drill and blast operations and activities in progress to ensure high standards of safety are always upheld.
6) Maintain and implementing HSE programs by minimise exposure to personnel and the environment by identifying hazards and risks from the planning phase of the work packages and during daily operational to ensure the effectiveness of the programs conform to official standard and requirements.

(Placement : Site)

Monitor and coordinate camp activities to ensure camp work is performed in a technically correct and efficient manner, conform with companys standard and policies.

1. Proactive safety attitude.
2. Min. 3 years experiences in the same area.
3. Min. High School degree.
4. Has experience in handling camp operation.

1) Coordinates inventory control and asset management of all camp equipment and furniture.
2) Responsible for access to all camps / rooms and the control of their keys & security.
3) Monitors camp equipment and undertakes the repair, or arranges for the repair of inoperative equipment by contacting appropriate technicians and external repairs. May obtain price quotes and arrange schedules as appropriate.
4) Monitor general cleaning and custodial duties of the camp.
5) Periodically reviews landscaping in order to enhance the outside appearance of the camp.
6) Coordinate the camp maintenance & ensure all camp facilities are functional.

We offer our staff a challenging and innovative work environment. An attractive salary package will be negotiated to ensure a high caliber appointment.

To apply for this position, please send your application together with a detailed resume including recent color photograph, and quoting in email to recruitment.jkt@petrosea.com in Microsoft Word or PDF format with a file size not more than 350kb. -