Bank Rakyat Indonesia’s vision is to become a leading commercial bank that always prioritizes customer satisfaction. BRI missions is to achieve the vision, BRI has decided on trhree missions that have to be undertaken, namely: BRI provides the best banking operation by prioritizing services for Micro, Small, and Medium Businesses in order to support people’s economy. BRI offers sevices to customers through a network that are spread all over Indonesia and supported by professional human resources who implement the Good Corporate Governance practices. BRI creates values and produce optimal benefits to all stakeholders

BANK BRI provides an opportunity to the professionals who can speak English very well (at least passive), to operate a computer, have integrity, discipline, motivation fixation and a high sense of responsibility, and willing to placed in all work units BANK BRI for the following positions:


S1/S2 from Accredited Universities (A/B)
For PPS Umum, graduate from the faculty major: Economics, Law, Engineering, Agricultural Technology, Psychology, Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Fisipol (Only For Department of International Relations, Communication Studies, Fiscal Administration, Business Administration, and State Administration), MIPA ( Just for the department of Mathematics, Statistics)
For PPS Auditors, graduates of the Faculty / Department: Economics, Law, Engineering, Agriculture, Fisipol (Only For the Department of Fiscal Administration, Business Administration, and State Administration), MIPA (Only for the Department of Mathematics, Statistics)
For PPS IT, graduates from the Faculty / Department: Computer Science, Information Engineering
S1 GPA minimum 2.75 (PTN), 3.00 (PTS)
S2 GPA min 3.25 with the provisions of S.1 min. 2.75 (PTN) & 3.00 (PTS)
Old max. 27 years (for graduates S1), and max. 30 years (for graduates S2)
Priority for those who have never registered as a participant PPS BRI
Willing to follow the selection process.
Not Married.
Willing to be placed on the entire working area BRI
Willing to sign a Letter of Agreement with BRI been accepted as a participant if the PPS BRI

B. Resident Auditor (RA)
Has experience as Auditor in Public Accounting Firm (KAP) or Consulting Group - Auditor, Internal Auditor or the Bank / Financial Institution. Minimum 3 (three) years.
Under 35 years of age (not yet 35 years old at the time of application).
Education S2 or S1 from the Faculty of Economics, Law, Engineering, FISIP (Trade Administration), Agriculture and Livestock of the PTN / PTS accredited A / B.
S1 min 2.75 (scale 4)
S2 min 3.25, with the provisions of S1 GPA min 2.75
Mastering the English language.
Placement on Branch Offices across Indonesia, and preferred to be placed on the Branch Office in the Office of Inspection unit area in the region of origin of applicants.
For those applicants who are interested, can attend Job Fair / Job Expo the following:

ITB Career Titian, Date. 14 to 16 October 2011, at Sasana Budaya Ganesha (Sabuga), Campus ITB - Bandung -

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