PT Bank Syariah Bukopin; LOWONGAN KERJA BANK

PT Bank Syariah Bukopin starting from a commercial bank, PT Bank Persyarikatan Indonesia which was acquired by PT Bank Bukopin Tbk to be developed as Sharia Bank. Bank Syariah Bukopin began operating with conducting business based on Islamic Sharia principles after Obtaining permission from Bank Indonesia on October 27, 2008 and on December 11, 2008 has been inaugurated by the Vice-President of the Republic of Indonesia

Officer Development Program (ODP) - Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya

Minimum Bachelor (S1) degree in any major preferably majoring in Accounting
Minimum GPA 3.00
Maximum 27 years old
Willing to attend education process in Jakarta and willing to be placed in any branch after complete the education
Minimum TOEFL score 450
Willing to undergo 5 years service bond
Staf Legal - Jakarta
Minimum Bachelor (S1) degree majoring in Law with minimum GPA 2.75
Fresh graduate or experienced
Maximum 25 years old for fresh graduate candidates and maximum 35 years old for experienced candidates
Staf Gadai - Jakarta
Minimum Diploma 3 degree from related majors
Minimum 3 years experience as juru taksir
Understand gold assessment procedures concept
Possess managerial skill to organize Gadai Section
Able to act as a trainer
Marketing - Jakarta
Minimum Bachelor (S1) degree in any major
Minimum GPA 2.75
Attractive appearance
Possess good communication skill
Possess extensive network
Maximum 27 years old
Please apply at : Lowongan Bank Syariah Bukopin ---

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