PETROSEA is a leading engineering, construction and mining company with a track record of achievement in Indonesia for more than 36 years. Petrosea has been involved in the development of Indonesia s considerable oil & gas, mining and infrastructure industries. Petrosea is also operating in Southeast Asia Region with some challenging projects.

Due to our rapid growth at present, we are currently taking applicants for below position:


Develop drill and blast designs, implement designs in conjunction with blasting sub-contractor and monitor drill and blast results, acknowledging inefficiencies and recommending changes accordingly to ensure high quality, cost effective and safe blasting occur.


1. Min Bachelor degree in Mining or Geologist with Class II Blaster Certificate,
2. Min. 2 years previous experiences in drilling & blasting engineering,
3. Good communication skills in English and Bahasa, written & verbal,
4. Understanding applications of drill blast design and shot plus software,
5. Familiar with designing drill and blast, leading the team and explosives handling


1) Develop, recommend and implement suitable strategies to provide optimal blasting solutions and improve blasting performance to operations
2) Ensure the drilling plan is provided in a timely manner and the drill is working productively in the most cost effective and safe manner
3) Coordinate blasting activities, lead and control blasting crew to ensure agreed mine plan is being followed
4) Analyze and communicate drilling and blasting issues to short term engineer and mining operation in order to provide technical support to site based personnel
5) Monitor and control drill and blast operations and activities in progress to ensure high standards of safety are always upheld.

Placement : Project Site, East Kalimantan


Control and monitor equipment moving activities in all project sites to ensure company s plant and equipments are available and in optimum condition for supporting company s field operation efficiently and effectively conform with BMP (Business mining Petrosea).


1. Work Flexible hours to accommodate job requirements
2. Fresh graduate with minimum vocational degree (D3) in any major, preferrably in engineering
3. High school graduate with min. 5 years experience in mining or equipment mgt, logistic-related experience is preferred
4. Able to operate computer & communicate in at least Bahasa & English languages (both verbal & written)
5. Willing to maintain job quality in any condition
6. Willing to apply mutual respect in each working days


1) Assisst Equipment Manager in monitor and control BMP compliance throughout the equipment schedule function in order to provide reliable equipments and consistency approach to all site
2) Ensure that equipments moving is managed efficiently and in a most reliable condition as per user (ie mining) requirement
3) Coordinating among related parties (Procurement, Assets) in dispatching new equipment to sites and or moving equipments among sites
4) Preparing necessary documents related to equipments dispatch
5) Informing schedule and any update on equipment moving site to site, to related parties ie Asset management, Procurement, and the user (ie Mining Group)
6) Maintain and implementing HSE programs including Environmental Management System to ensure the effectiveness of the programs conform to official standard and requirements.


• Manage site maintenance activities in a safe and efficient manner and consistent with PTP policies and guidelines ensuring they are conducted in a safe and timely manner that conform to quality of work and standards that optimises availability
• Ensure Safety awareness and compliance in accordance with PTP company regulations, by implementation and regular follow up of PTP golden rules and policies, (to be administered and monitored to ensure safety of personnel and company property)
• Ensure maintenance work instructions are performed technically correct and in a safe efficient manner, following all safety precautions, SOP s / JHA s and environmental / contamination control systems, implemented by company
• Clearly Instruct manpower under direct control, consistent with PTP and correct OEM maintenance standards, to achieve high equipment availability
• Staff monitoring and development within the direct areas of responsibility and relevant departments
• Develop and implement maintenance procedures to assist with achieving KPI s / “Mean time targets” as set down by PTP management, examples: mean times to first stoppage after repairs, mean times to repairs, etc
• Brief subordinates at tool box meeting
• Warranty follow up and warranty claim processing, ensuring warranty items are returned to appropriate vendors within the time lines published
• Development of preventative measures, on repeat or ongoing failure trends within relevant department areas, examples, inadequate PM practices, incorrect parts used, incorrect repair procedures, incorrect adjustments, and quality issues with parts supplied.


• Proactive safety attitude
• Leadership
• Commitment
• Understanding of mining requirements and production targets
• Understanding of equipment availability and planning of repairs
• Work flexible hours to accommodate job requirements
• Min. Diploma degree with 10 years experiences in maintenance
• Strong analytical and supervisory skills
• Strong communication in English
• Possess strong knowledge in heavy equipment maintenance
• Previous experiences in field of work, with a minimum of 6 years in a Supervisory role
• Qualifications and supporting certificates in field of trade / required duties


• Manage and control compliance to weekly and monthly planning, including scheduled work orders, relating to all maintenance tasks set out daily / to help achieve long term maintenance plans and high equipment availability
• Manage and Monitor / Communication for all maintenance work instructions given by supervisors / foreman s to their direct subordinates, are in a clear and defined manner
• Review and approve all relevant reporting tasks required in a timely manner, example, review and ensure correct details on work orders and regularly submit to planners for closing, ensure backlog parts are ordered, vendor time sheets and job cards are accurate
• Support the strategic and operational plans for the operations
• Manage the Communication and safety awareness at all times and adheres to Petrosea guidelines and regulations. Lead by good example in this area and show high standards of commitment to safety and surrounding environment
• Manage failure analysis to plant. By continuous Monitoring of trends and report pending equipment failure for correct planning into backlog, taking immediate action if equipment is unsafe to operate or high potential of major failure occurring
• Manage Work Order information is processed in accordance with EAM print outs and tasks listed
• Issuing disciplinary action and verbal counselling with all direct subordinates
• Development of a work schedule including parts, materials and manpower to be incorporated in the short term execution plans
• Manage area of responsibility with ongoing staff development, providing ongoing coaching, mentoring and performance monitoring for all direct reports, (ensure good work environment and morale)
• Supervise Maintenance Supervisors / foremen activities to ensure work is technically correct and performed in a safe and cost effective manner
• Examine and investigate all time variances from targets projected on work orders, avoiding losses, in both cost and time consumed
• Manage PM schedule implementation to ensure all PM scheduled work is completed in accordance with work instructions and schedules
• Proactively identify defects and register them via work requests in order to have an appropriate and prompt action
• Diagnose failure symptoms and determine maintenance requirements necessary to effectively and efficiently rectify them
• Daily interface and interaction with various supervisors within maintenance to successfully coordinate necessary repairs in an effective and efficient manner
• Review of PRTS (part ready to ship) and arrange necessary repairs in an effective and efficient manner
• Review of tool keeping practices and regular inspections of tool kits issued to all maintenance crews. Reporting any losses and arranging back chargeable items to employees
• Plan and schedule maintenance so as to prevent catastrophic failure and ensure maintenance is performed in the most cost effective manner
• Ensure maintenance events are subject to a root cause analysis and this information is recorded at work order closing time
• Leadership and ownership of the systems within the maintenance function, through implementation and continuous improvement of procedures, when instructed
• Coordinate and liaise with the other functional groups to achieve KPI s.
• Monitor and manage the manpower levels for all maintenance staff
• Assist in the training and mentoring of personnel as required by the Company
• Assist in promoting the development of teamwork
• Promote and develop an open ethical work environment


This position is as a part of Maintenance Planning Team in Balikpapan- (execution team) with ultimate responsibility to Assist Maintenance Planning Superintendent in preparing of maintenance activities, major component maintenance schedules, and maintenance management initiatives and work practices.

Senior Maintenance Planner Balikpapan will also be responsible to assist Maintenance Planners on sites for scheduling, planning and preparing major plant shutdowns. Responsible also for providing professional advice to planning team on sites on issues relating to maintenance programs as well as for condition monitoring, SOS result etc. Assisting in imrovement activities in the core maintenance processes on site.


1. Self-driven and self-sufficient, works flexible hours to accomodate the job requirments
2. Have a good communication skills both writing and speaking in english
3. Minimum experience and 3 years or more as a senior maintenance planner or a similiar role
4. Education requirments : - relevant qualifications ideally from mechanical/ heavy equipment background
5. Must be conversant with most up to date maintenance concept such as ms.Project, SAP/JDE or similiar with CMMS systems, MS word & Excel
6. Able to develop major component replacement and financial forecasting will also be a necessisty


1) Ensuring the weekly maintenance plan is produced by site, activities are prioritised, managed effectively and are executed to spesification on time
2) The effective balance of planned work and unplanned work is an essential aspect of maintenance execution, and one that needs close attention in order to achieve availability targets
3) Monitor Daily equipment status and every effort should be made to assist site in reducing the total down time of equipment on site operation especially for P1 Category
4) Liaise with project maintenance planner and maintenance superintendent to produce Scope of work of Component Change Out program and ensure all support documents are managed and comply. Such as; approved SOW list, Part list defect list schedule/ time frame, condition monitoring, CCOA
5) To assist maintenance superintendent to provide work instruction regarding to maintenance planning procedure activities
6) All critical SOS recommendation are allowed and actioned after consultation with the maintenance Superintendent before scheduling any SOS follow up action
7) Ensuring sites are record and document all tasks completed and related records, maintenance event, in order to ensure all maintenance events are recorded accurately, accurate, timely and reliably.


Monitor, control and supervise mining staff and resources in order to produce systems and procedures that effectively support the mining operations in achieving performance within budget.


1. Min. Bachelor Degree in Mining Engineering
2. Min. 3 years experience as a Mining Engineer in open-cut mining
3. Fluent in English, written and verbal
4. Willing to be placed in all company s locations or Jakarta
5. May be required to work flexible hours to meet project requirements


1) Prepare, analyze and adjust data of production, record details of the day s work on a daily report pad in order to establish project performance report
2) Identify engineering problems, propose solutions and expedite client agreement where necessary to ensure minimal disruption to the progress of the works
3) Review client specifications, drawings and documents to ensure the requirements defined are incorporated in the works and the responsibilities allocated under the project quality system and understood and implemented
4) Complete daily timesheets, including activity descriptions and cost codes, for each person and, where required, plant item under his responsibility
5) Prepare data of real/ technical cost, liaise with surveyor in calculate mining reserve from drilling for project analysis purpose
6) Coordinate requisition for small tools and consumable materials as required in order to provide site operations support
7) Identify hazards and risks during the planning phase of the work packages in order to minimize exposure to personnel and the environment.


Engineer, Monitor, Control and supervise all water management works, produce accurate and complex engineering and cost calculations of dewatering and documents to ensure all output are accurate, consistent and in timely manner conform with international Engineering and Safety Standards and codes.


• Min. Bachelor degree in Engineeering
• Min. 4 years experiences in Mining Engineering, specialist in Water Management (Dewatering) or Fuild Mechanics Engineering (pumping of other Fluids)
• Work extended hours to meet Engineering deadlines
• Familiar with Civil Engineering Software


1. Minimise exposure to personnel and the environment by identifiying hazards and risks during the operation phase of the work packages and implement all safety procedures, rules and regulations and statutory regulations in accordarnce with the Safety Management Plan
2. Monitor and review all water management work and document to ensure all work adheres to international Engineering standards and codes as well as company s management system
3. Operate and control water management software packages and evaluate output to suggesting changes and improvement where needed
4. Responsible for pump & pipe analysis to make recomendations to match the different Mine Site applications
5. Responsible for the complete design of each ptp Mine site Water site Management Plan
6. Responsible to work with our PTP Site engineering teams and clients for approval of Water Management Plans including the timely issuing of permits, compensation for sedimentation dams
7. Provide technical support and technical guidance to associate engineer and personnel in order to conduct transfer of knowledge.


Responsible for the identification, coordination and execution of business improvement projects across various areas of the operations including Asset Management, Mining, POSB, Engineering & Construction and including the non-business line functions such as HR, Quality, Finance, Procurement and ICT.


• Min. Bachelor degree in Engineer from reputable local university/overseas
• Minimum 5 years professional experience in related field, out of which 3 years in business improvement position
• Strong computer skills, preference is competent using statistical software applications
• Maturity and passion with strong leadership capability
• Project delivery experience
• Experience leading cross functional teams
• Good communication and presentation skills
• Demonstrated ability to influence others and lead change.


1. Promote HSE programmes targeting zero work related injuries and illness
2. Deliver tangible sustainable business value outcomes to schedule
3. Support the sites cultural change process by engaging leaders and team members in the application of Business Improvement tools
4. Support the strategic and operational plans for the operations
5. Foster a collaborative approach to sharing the opportunities and identifying other potential opportunities for business improvement
6. Provide Project Management and leadership capabilities to ensure a commitment to Business Improvement strategies.


To control the Warehouse inventory on all sides of receipts, issuing and storage including the initation of stock replenishment requests for equipment stock holding.


1. Understand basic concept of Inventory and warehouse Management
2. Understand English Language minimal passive
3. Senior high school – minimum requirement
4. Min 5 years experiences in logistic and warehouse
5. Leadership management course
6. Safety for supervisory level course
7. Inventory management course


1) Exercises, directs, and ensures a safe work environment in the warehousing area at all times. To ensure all warehouse business work processes and activities are all done in safe works practices
2) Works under the general guidance and direction of store supervisor
3) Ensuring that all inventories are properly managed and that all inventory items are assigned to the correct line item when received or distributed. Accurate records are kept relating to materials movement and that adequate stock levels are maintained to meet operational needs
4) Calculates and plans daily and monthly ordering requirments of inventory stock items which include fuel reconciliation. Works closely with user departments to assure that inventory items reflect actual needs and are in accordance with standards and spesification
5) Initiates routine replenishment stock process for inventory items to assure adequate quantities are on hand at all times, to maintain inventories at the lowest levels consistent with on-time deliveries. Maintains effective inventory accumulations and to prevent stock outs and unneeded surpluses
6) Recieve goods into the stock outs and ensure compliance to PO value and quantity
7) Process paperwork in a timely manner- include stock issue. Stock receipts shoul be put away and entered in the computer system within 24 hours of arrival
8) Processing and to ensure all requests from all departements that use the material for their operation, are processed and delivered in a timely manner
9) Undertaking hydrocarbon inventory reconciliation, periodic inspection and investigation of unaccounted- for fuel oil and lube inventory variances not only for any losses but for environmental reason also. Monitor schedule calibration of all flow maters, ensuring accurate records are kept ralating to hydrocarbon movement, issue and receipt and adequate stock levels are maintained to meet oprational needs
10) Building the master list for all minor assets on site include TOOls, Ringging Tools in workshop (tool box and tools room) complete with details status, available, broken, under repairs etc. Make up a matrix and reminder system to flag when these items are due for inspection/recertified/recalibrated


Provide Leadership to control and supervise store personnel to ensure all activities in the warehouse/sipply chain section, are comply with company s policies/procedures and all processes and activities done effectively, efficiently with safe work practices, demand supply forecasting and detailed trend analysis to achieve costs effective and optimize stock holding, to achieve highest services level at the lowest costs.


1. Seven years experiences in a warehousing environment within mining sector or at least 3 years at the supervisor level
2. Mechanical engineering background is more preferable
3. Familiar with computer & good knowledge of word, excel, powerpoint, ERP
4. Good in written & oral communication skills in english
5. Good leadership and interpersonal skills
6. Ability to work as a team member.


1) Exercises, directs, and ensures a safe work environment in the warehousing area at all times. To ensure all warehouse business work processes and activities are all done in safe works practices
2) Ensuring that all inventories are properly managed and that all inventory items are assignedto the correct line item when received or distributed. Accurate records are kept relating to materials movement and that adequate stock levels are maintained to meet operational needs
3) Calculates and plans daily and monthly ordering requirements of inventory stock items which include fuel reconciliation. Works closely with user departments to assure that inventory items reflect actual needs and are in accordance with standards and specification
4) Initiates routine replenishment stock process for inventory items to assure adequate quantities are on hand at all times, to maintain inventories at the lowest levels consistent with on-time deliveries. Maintains effective inventory accumulations and to prevent stock outs and unneeded surpluses
5) Ensure the uregency/ emergency requests are prioritism transports in a timely manner
6) Ensure goods are received in compliances with Petrosea procedures and Avantis processes
7) Control and monitor regular own transport and outside transport charter
8) Lead, coach and manage subordinate including monitor, review and maintain their performance, provide a proper development and succession plan for them in order to maintain subordinate in attract, motive and retain


Plan, coordinate and monitor training implementation in Asset Management to ensure training implementation in Asset Management department are effective, conform with training needs analysis and allocated budget.


1. Willing to travel to all company s project locations
2. Min. bachelor degree in any major
3. Good English & Computer literate
4. Min 5 years exp with operation training as trainer in mining
5. Has strong exposure as a trainer for Heavy Equipment maintenance on mining project
6. Has proficient knowledge about the mining process, from feasibility studies to mining services (pit to port)
7. Able to create own module / syllabus for sustainable program (Petrosea property right)


1) Provide development of training programmes by liaising with Section / Project / Department Managers in order to discuss training needs for the coming year and ideal scope of training support requested
2) Develop training budget for Mining Department and submit the budget to Mining General Manager for review and approval
3) Prepare and establish training schedule to ensure training schedule is updated with any incidental training and/or vendor free training as required
4) Review training program requirements in order to allocate internal and/or external resources to all programs in training schedule
5) Develop training evaluation methodology and conduct quarterly training effectiveness review based on trainer and manager evaluations and for submission to Mining General Manager to ensure training effectiveness.

We offer our staff a challenging and innovative work environment. An attractive salary package will be negotiated to ensure a high caliber appointment.

To apply for this position, please send your application together with a detailed resume including recent color photograph, and quoting position title in email subject (ex: TRAINING COORDINATOR- HEAVY EQUIPMENT) to: recruitment.jkt@petrosea.com in Microsoft Word or PDF format with a file size not more than 350kb.

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