PT Astra Honda Motor; 10 LOWONGAN KERJA D3 S1

PT Astra Honda Motor was the manufacturing & distribution of the largest motorcycle in Indonesia, with the number of employees more than 10,000 people. In accordance with the vision of the company, PT. Astra Honda Motor is always working to provide the best mobility solution that could meet customer needs with world-class management system.

For that we need the best human resources in a creative, innovative, competitive and ready to join in achieving that goal. In HR management, PT. Astra Honda Motor has a system of management of human resources professionals with the principles of Fair Internally and externally Competitive accompanied by the development of human resources through training programs and other development and a clear career path in line with the development of the motorcycle business increased.

GA COST estimator (GAD-OBM)
Job description:

* Create engineering drawings
* Creating a maintenance building project cost estimation
* Monitoring the work of subcontractors
* Perform maintenance building control


* D3 in Civil Engineering
* Min GPA 2.75
* Age Max 25 years
* Understand drawings of civil engineering, electrical work, wiring, plumbing, painting, carpentery, cooling systems, ventilation
* Willing to field work
* Have integrity, Ductile, Diligent, responsible

Job description:

* Responsible for making video presentations
* Create animated multimedia
* Conduct knowledge sharing program


* Graduated D3 Multimedia
* Min GPA 2.75
* Age Max 25 years
* Can do video editing / multimedia
* Able to perform basic general engineering capability
* Have the ability to teach

Job description:

* Create technical drawing tools (2D/3D)
* Conduct procurement schedule control tools
* Conduct needs analysis tools in the network
* Create a monthly report on the fulfillment network tools


* D3 Mechanical Engineering
* Min GPA 2.75
* Age Max. 25 years
* Able to create complex technical drawings isometry shape (2D/3D) and its geometric tolerance
* Create a sequence of process tools
* Mastering Auto CAD engineering programs
* Mastering the intermediate level english
* Able to work in a team work well
* Having a strong control

Job description:

* To monitor the achievement of production
* Monitoring of preparation and good finish sexy, sexy either before or after section
* To control and make a written report on PCBs in the PCR before the process
* Conduct analysis of the problems that arise in the previous process and its influence on the process thereafter
* To control / stock level control section
* To control the implementation of all systems and procedures applicable in section and between sections
* To coordinate with the relevant sections if there are problems that can lead to disruption of supply to the next section


* D3 Mechanical Engineering / All engineering majors
* GPA min 2.75
* Age max 25 years
* Have a keen desire to learn &
* Diligent and meticulous
* Have an understanding part number
* Has an analysis of good & logical thinking
* Able to work according to applicable SOPs

Job description:

* Responsible in conducting training material development
* Development of training & development activities at the Main Dealer
* Data analysis report
* Provide knowledge sharing


* S1 Mechanical Engineering / Education Mechanical Engineering / Electrical Engineering / Electrical Engineering Education
* GPA min 2.75
* Age Max. 27 years
* Able to create a syllabus
* Has the ability analitical data
* Strong problem solving
* Have a general managerial skills
* Mastering computer
* Having knowledge and interest in the automotive field, especially motorcycles

Job description:

* Responsible to find, collect, process and analyze the service ability and quality data base
* To coordinate the New Model Service Preparation Activity
* Create and proposed New Model Design Improvement


* S1 Mechanical Engineering
* Min GPA 2.75
* Age Max 27 years
* Strong analytical data
* Strong problem solving
* Have a general managerial skills
* Interest in the automotive field, especially motorcycles

Job description:

* Responsible in developing the concept of after sales service (AHASS)
* Control program conducted by the Main Dealer & network
* Design activities relating to improving the quality of service in AHASS


* S1 Industrial Engineering
* GPA min 2.75
* Age Max. 27 years
* Have strong analytical skills
* Have an adequate knowledge of technical skills
* Has the ability to establish communication

Job description:

* Responsible for design, analyze, develop, implement and make improvements to the network service system
* Applying for troubleshooting, recommendations related to consumer, product and network
* Socialization & coordinating with other departments & network
* Analyzes the trend needs, desires and expectations of consumers
* Analyzes, makes proposals to improve services across the network
* As a network consultant for the development of CS in the entire network
* Build the image and relationship with a virtual community
* Perform statistical analysis & manufacture reportnya


* S1 majoring in Statistics / Mathematics / Management / Communication Studies / Management / Industrial Engineering / Psychology
* GPA min 2.75
* Age max. 27 years
* Have good interpersonal skills
* Has an analysis of good & logical thinking
* The ability of oral and written communication
* Have good problem solving ability
* Able to build and maintain it with good networking
* Ability to work under pressure & able to deal with a variety of customer characteristics
* Have a desire to learn
* Willing to travel

Job description:

* Responsible for the demolition, installation, measurement, and testing of components or units of motorcycles.
* To analyze the results of measurement and testing components and motorcycle units
* Designing a tool for measuring and testing components
* Analyzes proposed changes and make proposals for changes


* S1 Mechanical / Electrical Engineering
* GPA min 2.75
* Age Max 27 years
* Having a product engineering technical competency
* Have an understanding of product testing
* Good knowledge and specialization on particular automotive motorcycle
* Has the ability to work in a solid team and the motivation and high achiement
* Strong Initiative

COST Planner (CPL-CPL)
Job description:

* Responsible for calculating the capacity and cost per unit for production line
* Develop cost structure of motor parts & units
* Develop program to improve efficiency and productivity of production
* Perform cost simulation and prediction


* S1 Industrial Engineering
* GPA min. 2,75
* Age max. 27 years
* Understand technical drawing
* Understand the manufacturing process
* Understand the function of components and material properties
* Having good team work
* Have the ability to analyze and good managerial
* Has the ability to use applications
* Able to work that is routine and details
* Have good analytical

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