Established since 1946, formerly known as the BNI Bank Negara Indonesia, is the first bank, founded and owned by the Government Indonesia.Pada year 2004, an updated corporate identity began to be used to describe the prospects for a better future, after the success of wading times difficult. The term ‘Bank BNI’ shortened to ‘BNI’, while the year of establishment – ‘46 ‘- used in the company logo to reinforce the pride as the first national bank who was born in the era of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia.
Depart from the spirit of struggle that is rooted in its history, BNI is committed to providing the best service for the country, and always be the pride of the country.

Position: IT Officer (ITO)

Minimum S1 Graduated from Computer Engineering / Computer

Science / Electrical Engineering / Statistics / Industrial Engineering / Computer Science / Electronics / Engineering Physics / Mathematics from the State Higher Education / Private prominent and capable in the field of IT.
Terms of GPA are: PTN at least 2.75; PTS minimum 3.00
Programming languages include: Cobol, C + +, Java, MS Dot Net, PHP, Web, MS SQL Server, UNIX platforms (AIX, Solaris, Linux), TACL, PHP, SAS, PL SQL.
Work experience & networking systems programming or up to one year.
Preferred master: Development Tools, UNIX OS platforms (AIX, Solaris, Linux) / OS Windows Server / Data Base Oracle / SQL Server or understand the concept of TCPIP / Management Data Base / Project Management Tools
Mastering the English language at least passive
Value Added to that have a certification: CCNA, MCSA, Oracle RDBMS or understand framework / concept of SOA, master the software versioning or Testing Tools
Maximum age 28 years
Physically and mentally healthy

Position: IT Manager (ITM)

Minimum S1 Graduated from Computer Engineering / Information Management / Computer Science / Electrical Engineering / Statistics / Computer Science / Electronics / Mathematics / Industrial Engineering from State University / Private prominent and capable in the field of IT. Preferably a graduate of the S-2 Engineering / General (from domestic or overseas), along the S-1 his technique comes from the PTN / PTS is bona fide.
Terms of GPA are: PTN at least 2.75, least 3.00 PTS
Mastering English is actively & Passive
Mastering: Management Information System (dashboard, EIS, CRM), Oracle DBA with experience of Data Management or UNIX platforms (AIX, Solaris, Linux) / Windows / Network Configuration (WAN-LAN concept), Basic Concept of IT Security & Risk Management, Technical device configuration settings for security, security product analysis and security incident investigation,
Having Certification: Oracle / CCNA, MCSA, CCNP / CISSP preferably have CEH CISM &
Experience working in the field:
Management Data Base (Oracle DBA) or a minimum of three years;
Enterprise System Implementation & Maintenance (H / W Network) at> a minimum of three years or projects;
Implementation of Intelligent Business System (Dashboard system, the EIS / CRM) or;
Network Security / Information Security Management and a minimum three-year project implementation ISO27001

Maximum age 32 years.
Physically and mentally healthy

For applicants who meet the above criteria, please register yourself to:

CDC University of Indonesia

Gd. Engineering Center, Fl. Base
Faculty of Engineering, UI Depok
Tel: 021-78849080
or online to:


source http://www.bursalowongankerjaan.com/2010/07/bni-technology-division-lowongan-kerja-bank-bumn/

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