Lowongan Kerja Engineering di Ericson

1. JOB POSITION: ENGINEER 3 ( Solution Engineer - Radio )

* Customer Solutions
* Product Sales Support
* Local Product Portfolio Management

* To perform all the tasks required and specified with HIGHLY DEVELOPED knowledge and skills on one technology area and BASIC knowledge and skills on another technology area. Or being able to perform all the tasks required and specified with GOOD knowledge and skills on one technology area and GOOD knowledge and skills on another technology area.
* To build up and maintain a HIGHLY DEVELOPED/GOOD level of competence for all products in the assigned department related to Ericsson telecommunication networks.
* To ensure TIMELY and HIGHLY DEVELOPED/GOOD quality input to the marketing organisation.


* Design systems and solutions for the assigned department in relation to all marketing activities.
* Liase with the customer in all engineering and design related matters.
* Provide detailed product information to the marketing organisation and to customers within agreed frames of quality and time.
* Keep the Head of Department informed about progress and relevant matters related to the Main Tasks.
* Implement and maintain EID’s company quality policy as it applies to the job.


* Collect and have access to the information necessary for carrying out the tasks commissioned.
* Build and maintain contact with the home organisation and the relevant regional competence centers of the relevant product units.


* Head of Department within the Division


* Account Technology Manager
* Customer together with the account team


* Product Management
1. To understand the product functionality
2. To have good knowledge on the product features/application
3. Establish and maintain good contact with related Product Unit
4. Conduct internal product presentation and demo the usage of the product when applicable
5. Answering Statement of Compliance (SoC)
* Product Positioning
1. Knowing the position of the product compare to other similar product.
* Hardware Node Dimensioning
1. To do hardware dimensioning
2. To provide Product Bill of Quantity (which is priceable by Pricing Manager and at orderable level (by Logistic Manager))
3. To provide Hardware Node Block Diagram (which is an input for Logistic Manager and Implementation Manager)
* Network Modeling/Dimensioning
1. Collect network specification/requirement and assumption together with ATM
2. Analyze network specification
3. To produce initial Demand/Traffic Forecast
4. Select network topology and strategy
5. Select product type
6. To produce Initial Network Configuration (= Network Model)
7. To produce high level Bill of Quantity (which is priceable for Pricing Manager for budgetary offer)
8. Collect more detail network specification and requirement together with ATM
9. Refine the network assumption
10. Validate the network model into more accurate network configuration
11. To compile & produce final Network Bill of Quantity (which is priceable by Pricing Manager and at orderable level (by Logistic Manager))
* Network Solutions
1. To specify network integration requirement such as power consumption, standard floor plan, required E1
2. To provide standard implementation guideline (best practice) to the customer
3. To create Network Proposal
* Quality, Service and Performance Specification
1. To collect and define customer's requirement on Quality, Service and performance
2. To analyze/calculate Quality, Service and Performance level
3. To report the Quality, Service and Performance
* Solutions Management
1. Managing the technical core team
2. Describing and coordinating dimensioning
3. Coordinating the Statement of Compliance Response
4. Coordinating with other core teams
5. Defining technical solution
6. Interpreting the customer's requirement and outlining the technical scope
7. Defining the technical bid structure
8. Write and do editing the system proposal
* Competence Center
1. Assist more junior colleague
2. Interface Ericsson towards suppliers of telecom/datacom equipment and services, as well as to other Ericsson companies
3. Actively transfer design methodology and strategies to the respective group
4. Check/Verify the services performed by more junior colleague within the respective group
5. Keep track of local and global telecommunication industry development.
6. Introduce new products and applications into the market.
7. Make sure the customer, operations and project management are managing the network the optimum way.
8. Analyse complementary and competitive products.
9. Be well informed in competitor’s products.


* Assist the Account responsible in customer negotiations.
* Clarify technical questions from customers.
* Perform product, system and solution presentations.
* Maintain organised files documenting communication and commitments to customers.


* Implement and maintain EID Company quality policy as it applies to the job.


* Have the potential to achieve the “ASSESSED CONSULTANT” level in the Ericsson certification program conducted by Network & Technology Consulting, Business Unit Global Service.
* University degree or technical college qualifications in telecommunications or electronic engineering.
* HIGHLY DEVELOPED knowledge of the concept and products in a complex telecommunications networks.
* GOOD knowledge of network design techniques with minimum two years experience in network design.
* HIGHLY DEVELOPED interpersonal, communication and presentation skills.
* Independent, self-motivated, analytical with an excellent and methodical problem solving capacity.
* Energetic, enthusiastic, flexible and optimistic.
* Well-developed computer skills.
* Co-operative, open to continuous change and varying degrees of responsibility.


* BASIC knowledge and skills
IDENTIFIES and solves defined problems which require little or no analysis, through UTILISING existing procedures, techniques and methods. UNDERSTANDS improvement and change. REQUIRES SUPERVISION and works within a given time frame and schedule. Delivers and receives spoken and written messages. Can participate in a SIMPLE CONVERSATION.
* GOOD knowledge and skills
DEFINES and solves complicated problems, which require careful analysis, through ADAPTING existing procedures, techniques and methods. Actively CONTRIBUTES to improvement and change. Works INDEPENDENTLY, influencing time frame and schedules. Exchanges views in CONVERSATION AND WRITING.
* HIGHLY DEVELOPED knowledge and skills
INVESTIGATES and solves complex problems, which require substantial analysis, through DEVELOPING existing procedures, techniques and methods. DRIVES improvement and change. PROVIDES GUIDANCE and direction. Communicates FLUENTLY within own field of expertise.
* EXCEPTIONAL knowledge and skills
Investigates and solves complex problems, which require substantial analysis. Solutions normally require INNOVATION of new procedures, techniques and methods. INITIATES and drives improvement and change. Is perceived as an AUTHORITY. Communicates fluently at a level equivalent to MOTHER TONGUE

Please read the job description carefully, if you feel that you match with stated requirement please send your application and updated CV through email to Alief Risbaya (alief.risbaya@ericsson.com) on Friday, October 19th, 2007 at the latest

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